That’ll hurt his pride! A clumsy lion slipped and fell in the water in an embarrassing incident caught on camera.

Take this stunning lion. The king of the jungle. The head of the pride. A ferocious animal able to strike fear into the heart of any man. They’re funny animals, too!

These two lion buddies are taking a stroll through their home at the zoo, and while they’re a little too close to the edge of the water, neither seem to mind. It’s as if they’re both engaged in a riveting conversation about the fabulous chunk of meat they ate for dinner, or what time the cubs need to be put to bed. Whatever it is, the fierce and gorgeous lion to the right takes one little misstep. He knows immediately he’s going down – watch his tail as he tries to regain balance and rectify his last move.

Credit img: screenshot youtube.

Too late. He’s head first into the water, making a big splash and freaking out his partner on the solid ground. The grounded lion looks on, completely bewildered and unsure what to do as the wet lion lifts his head and “kitty” paddles around the perimeter of the pool to shallow water. Seems like he’s not thrilled, but knows exactly what to do! Poor big kitty! At least he got a proper washing and recovered well!

Credit img: screenshot youtube.

It’s awkward and it happens … a slip up when we least expect it. But we think you’ll agree, this lion dealt with the embarrassing fall gracefully.


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