They may not appear to have much in common on the surface, but Lucy and Gus don’t have to explain themselves, they just work.

Last month, Eileen McGunagle was out on a charter trip, trolling through the waters near Captiva Island in Southwest Florida. Also along for the ride was a sweet pup named Lucy, an almost three-year-old Rottweiler-Husky mix who serves as both first mate and best friend to charter company owner, Cliff Gilchrist.

lucy and cliff
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But make no mistake about it, Lucy’s no landlubber. She’s been tagging along on these trips since she was just a pup, which means she has a pretty good set of sea legs.

So whenever a dolphin, those friendly ambassadors of the sea, cruises up to say hello, Lucy just dangles over the edge to exchange a grin, like so:

lucy and gus saying hello
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Eileen posted the encounter on Facebook about a month ago, and it’s gotten all sorts of adoring comments! Some viewers are especially impressed with Lucy’s impulse control, especially in the face of such a friendly guest who couldn’t have been more enticing if she’d tried.

dolphin fb comment1
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For most people who go out on the high seas with their pooches, that kind of encounter would go something more like this:

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Maybe that’s the first dolphin Maverick here has ever seen, and his herding instincts just kicked into high gear.

dolphin fb comment2
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But for Lucy, dolphins are just part of the scenery. They get snout-to-beak pretty frequently, Cliff says, and Eileen’s video has just gotten the most attention.

lucy and gus
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