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Hope For Paws receives a call about a dog left in a very unusual location. The rescue group, which ordinarily operates in the Los Angeles area, is on its way to the desert to rescue a German shepherd that had been abandoned. Watch as the rescuers struggle to approach the dog in the open desert, with no way to confine her.

The rescue team tries using humane traps to capture the white dog as it roams freely in the open area, crossing dangerous roads. The dog is visibly terrified by humans and is good at escaping contact multiple times.  The team from Hope For Paws has the assistance of Dr. Scott Amsel, who attempts to tranquilize the dog a few times.

Dr. Amsel approaches the abandoned canine in a vehicle. He stops on the side of the road behind the dog, and the dog suddenly runs frantically into the open field. Dr. Amsel finally makes contact with this tranquilizer dart, which hits the dog and causes her to run in panic. The rescuers immediately run after her and wait for the tranquilizer to take effect.

Once the dog is unable to stand, the team takes her in and brings her to a hotel room. The white German shepherd, named Venice by rescuers, takes time to wake up fully, which is when the team takes the opportunity to properly examine her for injuries and trauma. Once awake, the team gives her time to feel comfortable before returning to Los Angeles.

Watch the video to see how Venice’s touching and unusual rescue story turns out once she makes it from her desert home to rescuer’s shelter in the big city.


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