A dog was found nursing an orphan kitten near a creek. Officer Michelle Smith from Anderson animal control came to the area after receiving a call about a dog barking since Saturday.

What she didn’t expect was seeing the dog nursing a tiny kitten “at the bottom of a steep embankment along a deep ravine.” The Shih Tzu dog was nursing and protecting the little abandoned kitten.

They were taken into Anderson county P.A.W.S. where the dog was taking care of her adopted kitten, nursing and cleaning her like a mother.

“This is one example of why I love my job,” Smith said in her report.

In a ravine in South Carolina, a tiny Shih Tzu was found protecting a kitten.

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After someone called Animal Control, Officer Michelle Smith found them and brought them in.

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After reviewing their conditions, she made the conclusion that the dog must have been caring for the kitten the entire time they were in the ravine.

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Even at the shelter, the pair were inseparable.

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The feisty surrogate pup was actually lactating, a result of a “pseudo pregnancy.” Her milk helped keep the kitten alive.

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The dog was named Goldie and the kitten was named Kate. The pair have found their forever home, and now they’re all grown up. Still, they’re just about the cutest duo in town. 

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