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When the mom isn’t home, things can get pretty rough for any dad. But if we talk about dogs, then it can’t get more hilarious, as for young pups such as this healthy Boxer litter, there is nothing in the world more enticing than mother’s milk.

The most basic thing about baby animals is that they love being nursed. They would be on their mom’s teats 24/7 if they could have their way.

Only a mother knows how to say enough is enough. Now, if the mom isn’t around for an hour or so, what would the dad do? Let’s find out.

This video shows an adorable pack of little puppies from Portsmouth, Ohio, United States, when their mama Boxer isn’t around.

The hungry pups reckon their dad, Remo, would make an excellent substitute. So, when they all rush over to him with high expectations, it’s super cute to watch.

Remo, who had no clue what the doting mama of their puppies goes through every day, must now be getting some idea of how hard it is to raise children!

Although he is far from being physically equipped to deal with the matter at hand, he nevertheless tries his best to avoid the puppies nibbling on him and does the fatherly thing—anything to keep his dignity.

The rib-tickling video has two more clips showing male dogs all alone with their pups.

Watch how Remo and other furry dads deal with their unexpected responsibility—it’s too hilarious for words.


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