“This starving little dog jumped up on the table and literally stole a piece of pizza from them and took off running”

Everyone loves a good slice of pizza—but for one down-on-her-luck mother of six, a slice turned out to be life-changing.

On April 17, a group of workers were taking a break alongside Bay Road in East Palo Alto, California. They had a pizza for lunch—but it turns out, an unexpected guest wanted in on it.

A dog ran up and stole a pepperoni slice.

This starving little dog jumped up on the table and literally stole a piece of pizza from them and took off running,” Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA spokeswoman Buffy Martin Tarbox told CBS San Francisco


While nobody likes to have their pizza stolen without asking, the workers could tell that this dog was malnourished and must’ve needed the food badly.

So they called rescue workers to try and help the dog. The SPCA arrived on the scene, and with some effort were able to track down the terrier.

But they also made an incredible discovery:

The dog was caring for six puppies!

She actually led us to her nest of six little puppies that were about one week old,” Tarbox said.

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The discovery explained why the mother dog was so desperate for food—and showed that the workers made the right call in reaching out to the rescue.

The mom was nursing but she wasn’t getting any nutrition,” Tarbox said. “If we hadn’t found them they’ve probably would not have survived.”

(KPIX CBS SF Bay Area/Screenshot)

The mother and puppies were taken in and cared for.

Despite the health concerns, all were deemed well enough to be put up for adoption: “Aside from being malnourished she was pretty healthy, thankfully,” Talbox said of the mother.

(KPIX CBS SF Bay Area/Screenshot)

These lucky dogs went from starving on the side of the road to getting the royal treatment—literally. Their caregiver is a big fan of the royal family, and all the dogs were given regal names.

The pups are William, Harry, Duchess Kate, Lady Di, Charlotte and Meghan, and of course the mom is Queen Elizabeth, but she goes by Lizzie.

And now the dogs are ready for a new home.

The puppies and their mother have all been placed up for adoption. One of them has already found a new home, and the others should follow soon.

(KPIX CBS SF Bay Area/Screenshot)

It’s all thanks to a simple slice of pizza. This struggling mom stole some food to feed her family, but it led to their lives being saved—thanks to some thoughtful strangers.

This poor little thing could barely take care of herself, and to be so hungry that she steals a piece of pizza is pretty phenomenal, but the fact that she did that actually led to her rescue,” Tarbox said.

Source: theepochtimes.com.

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