You never know when you’re going to be in the right place at the right time, but fortunately there were two teenage boys on their front porch the evening before Easter. 15-year-old Dalaurence Holland and his buddy 13-year-old Zech Krinjnic were sitting and talking about “clowns” when all of a sudden they saw something dash out of the bushes. They had no idea what it was though – so decided to chase after it towards the Tennessee highway.

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As they followed the “thing” Zech called 911 to tell them about the situation. Finally as they closed in on the figure their hearts jumped into their chests realizing what it was… It wasn’t an animal or a scary ghost – in fact, it was a little 3-year-old girl who had escaped from her apartment. The frightening part was that she was headed straight for the highway where cars were speeding. The boys were afraid she was going to be hit.

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Without thinking Dalaurence made the decision to jump into action. He told NewsChannel 5, “I saw headlights coming up the hill, so I was like there’s a truck, there’s a little girl, I’m going to grab her,” The teen quickly ran into the road and scooped the toddler up just in the nick of time. Fortunately the girl wasn’t hurt, and the police spoke to both the teens and her parents about the situation. It was a miracle that they had been on the porch that evening, or the outcome could have been much different. Watch the video below to see the boys’ interview about the event – what heroes!

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