Some kids just can’t wait to grow up.

Little Brody is only three, but he already sees his older siblings heading off to school every morning with their backpacks on, ready to start the day. He’s decided he’s tired of staying home with boring old mom; he wants to jump ahead a few years and attend the local elementary school too, just like the big kids!

toddler wants to go to school

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One day, mom is in the kitchen when suddenly her little boy appears, wearing a backpack haphazardly hanging open on his shoulders. He’s got flip-flops on, and he’s all ready to head out to school. There’s only one problem: he’s a few birthdays short of the school cut-off age.

As mom tries to reason with her adorable little son, he gets increasingly agitated as he argues his case. “Can you get that crayon and write a seven on my head?” he asks his mom.

Credit: Rumble.

Lip trembling, his little face crumbles as she tells him that writing a number on your head doesn’t magically make you a few years older. If it did, there would be a lot of older women walking around with “25” written on their foreheads, right, ladies?

Brody isn’t hearing it, though, and insists that he’s just one permanent marker away from his dream of getting a jump-start on his education. Sulkily, Brody wanders into the other room, with mom following close behind. She wonders what’s in his backpack, and he says simply, “My things!”

Credit: Rumble.

After bargaining mom down to “six” being the appropriate age to start school, he still can’t quite grasp the reason why mom won’t just go along with him if he claims to be a few years older.

“I’m not going to write a six on your head with permanent marker,” mom says firmly, and Brody’s little eyes well up with tears. Finally, he says if she won’t do it, he’s going to take matters into his own hands… even if he doesn’t know how to write numbers yet.

Credit: Rumble.

Once the squiggly line has been drawn on his forearm, Brody thinks he’s ready to take on the whole world. He’s so articulate and sweet — we think his mom is going to have her hands full with this guy!

Watch Brody plead his case in the video below, and be sure to share with a mom who has been in this situation before!


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