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This dad demonstrates one needs to be focused when dressing twin babies. One needs to have good reflexes, else they will be gallivanting around the house in their nappies, getting up to all kinds of mischief before you can wipe your eyes out—that’s double trouble.

One needs to be in control of all one’s faculties while shouldering the responsibilities of having a family and kids, especially if one has been blessed with twins.

This is an operation that ideally should be performed by two people, but for some reason his other half is not present.

All the more reason for this dad to be on top of his game. The babies need to get their onesies on, and that is a complicated affair in itself.

Nevermind that his daughters have their own agendas. As soon as he has got one twin’s arm and leg inside the onesie, the other one crawls off with remarkable speed.

Before she reaches the door, he brings her back and proceeds to get her onesie on, before putting his other daughter’s arm and leg through her onesie.

When he turns his attention back to the other twin, she is off making her way with an unbuttoned onesie towards the bed.

Now with both twins on the floor, he is working up a sweat. Thank goodness he put his shorts and T on.

It’s a case of getting them all buttoned up. But that is not so easy—the buttons are so small and there are quite a few of them.

At last, the job is done. But wait, what is she up to now?

Take a look at the hilarious dad trying to keep up with his twin tots.


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