There are some people who are “late bloomers” when it comes to romance. One late bloomer is a 20-year-old young man named Joseph O’Brien! For years, Joseph has daydreamed about his first girlfriend – or even his first kiss! But whatever the reason, things just haven’t worked out for Joseph so far. Even though he’s had a little bit of trouble in the romance department, Joseph hasn’t let the song in his heart extinguish. He has a passion for singing and one of his favorite songs is all about pining for someone you love – something Joseph is very familiar with! So when the judges heard Joseph’s backstory and the song he was going to sing, they were curious! Would he be able to master a song about love even though he’s never felt it personally?

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As soon as Joseph began to sing “Hello” by Lionel Richie, all the fears about his song choice went out the window. Joseph sang with such conviction and emotion, it was hard not to hear his personal struggles in Lionel’s classic words. Not only did Joseph sing, but he also sat behind the piano and played the keys as well! Everyone in the theater watched in awe as he worked his way through the song effortlessly! This young man’s sensitive voice was unlike anything they had ever heard before!

Credit: YouTube .

The moment Joseph wrapped up his audition, everyone rose to their feet. His performance was filled with such raw emotion and pure talent. Learn more about Joseph and listen to his breathtaking voice for yourself in the video below. While he’s clearly had problems with the ladies in the past, we can only assume girls will be rushing to his side after hearing him sing on America’s Got Talent!


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