Didi Perry gave birth to her third and last child and felt her family was complete. But the mother from Dallas, Texas, still felt a longing to be pregnant again… only, not with her “own” babies.

In 2009 — 16 years after the birth of her final child — Didi decided to become a surrogate. She was matched with a couple who couldn’t conceive on their own.

At first, Didi only planned to carry one child for one family. But when she saw the intended parents holding their baby for the first time, something inside of her clicked. She felt this was something she was simply meant to do.

However, surrogate mothers rarely offer their services after the age of 40. At the same time, those looking for a surrogate typically want someone younger than 40.

Didi never expected she’d spend the next eight years more pregnant than not, while living as a “serial surrogate.” Her last surrogate child was born months before her 50th birthday!

People often ask Didi how on earth she was able to hand over so many newborns after carrying and delivering them.

In the video below, Didi herself explains her simple yet powerful reason.

Source: littlethings.com.

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