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Never does a day go by that our pets don’t fascinate, entertain, or surprise us. Each one has its own unique personality and range of expressions that never cease to amaze. This beagle is one such character.

Buddy the rescue beagle is no ordinary run-of-the-mill dog. He has hidden talents, which he loves to show off—given half the chance.

Buddy discovered the piano after his adoption in 2016. To him, when he presses the keys gently on the piano with his front paws, the sound produced is to die for.

Buddy has style, and his yowls are soulful, reflecting his soft nature.

Buddy has great pitch and an ear for music. He just can’t help but yowl his songs from the bottom of his doggy heart.

This adorable hound is loved by many and has a wide fan base.

Musicians admire Buddy’s natural talent behind the piano, and he has also appeared on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

He is active in the entertainment world recording his songs, which are for sale on iTunes.

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