For most of us, the thought of dancing in front of a large group of people is a nightmare. But for these ballroom dancers and a very special (very tiny) guest, it’s the dream.

As the ballroom dancers crowd the stage and the music pumps over the loudspeakers, a little girl wobbles onto the dance floor with them. Now footage of what happens next is melting hearts everyone . . .

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The National Dance Education Organization explains that dancing is actually a great way for children to learn about the world around them and grow as a person. The organization’s website says that dancing helps improve literacy since words are linked to movement during a child’s early years.

In addition to literacy, dancing can help a child gain strength, coordination, and endurance. The constant movement is also great for burning off excess energy and allowing the child to express themselves in a healthy physical manner.

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This is why Mom and Dad have no problem toting their little one to the ballroom dancing showcase. But they didn’t expect this to happen!

Mom and Dad watch as their little one wanders onto the dance floor and begins to move with the music. She can barely walk but she’s ready to dance along with all of the other showcase members.

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She executes the cutest moves, rocking back and forth, bobbing up and down then circling around to the music. When Mom tries to usher her off the dance floor, the tiny dancer wants nothing to do with that!

Fortunately, instead of being annoyed that a toddler was in their way, the dancers simply swirled and twirled all around her. The little girl’s response to the crowded dance floor moving around her is simply priceless!

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